Tuesday 16 September 2014

Under Instructions - Sketch # 15

My husband wanted me to sketch these for a bit of a laugh (an inside joke - you had to be there!)
I missed doing a sketch yesterday so I will have to make it up by doing another tonight or doing two tomorrow.


  1. Ah Wendy - a great subject - now I am curious about the inside joke?? My philosphy is never mess with hubby's tools - he does let me use his screwdriver once and awhile (LOL). Love the colors you chose too - looks sort of feminine!!

  2. Ideally, both the spanner and very well drawn nuts, from a simple apparent theme has taken a good deed.
    Best regards.

  3. Nice to have jokes and laughter. Love this one Wendy! So reminds me of your fantastic illustrative talents! Maybe a good theme for a series of illustrations for a new book?
    Also love your past posts! Love your use of some color,especially red, in your sketches!
    Have fun buddy!
    Good on you mate!
    Michael Buddy Guy!