Saturday 20 September 2014

Memories of Childhood Lunchtimes - #19

I just did this sketch of these kitsch salt and pepper shakers circa 1960s (I think).
They reside on a dresser in our meals area where I keep treasured pieces of china. These little birds evoke very special memories of sitting down to lunch when I was a young child. They also evoke the memory of a very colourful stripey seersucker tablecloth that I would love to lay eyes on again but it disappeared long ago - no doubt having served its time admirably but not able to survive the onslaught of wear from three young children.
P.S. Maybe I should have mentioned that I sketched these from life and only took the photograph once I'd finished. I'm enjoying sketching from life as much as possible.


  1. Good on you mate!
    Love this one! There is a great story waiting to be written about the experiences of these lovely shakers! So very colorful! Happy! Makes me smile just looking at them!
    Love the others also!
    Your sketches hopefully will find their way into a colorful bound book someday! Maybe like the one you posted some time ago?
    Love the bike and mate in Italia sketch the other day!
    Of course I loved the beach sketch too!
    Good luck with the rest of the challenge Wendy!
    Take care Mate!
    Your USA Art Buddy Waiting For Autumn To Come To Our Area!!!

  2. They're gorgeous, love the way you did the lace.

  3. I adore this painting, Wendy. How cute are they and how well you did the cloth too.

  4. i love your little sketch of the birds s&p shakers. It's funny how such items can bring back such memory floods. I have some salad servers with little ceramic chef's on them that evoke wonderful memories of my childhood mealtimes also. I'm sorry I was so short in my reply to you yesterday about the around the world thing. I was actually on the road when your email came thru on my blackberry. When i stopped at a gas station I sent a quick reply as I could tell you needed to know asap, and I knew I wouldn't have time to do it, or for a more jovial reply email. have fun with it!