Saturday 20 September 2014

Birthday Card - #20 in 30 Day Challenge

The birthdays are coming thick and fast at the moment. I composed this illustration today based on the recipients interest in Beethoven's music. I created part of the illustration from two different paintings of Beethoven I found online and the rest I made up.

It is a cold, rainy, wintry day today after yesterday being the hottest September day on record at 34C (93F). Quite the contrast! During the week I took a few photos of things flowering in our garden.


  1. That is a shock to the system when the weather changes that drastically. your flowers look fabulous. What is the name of the flower that is in the third photo? It is very cool looking.

  2. I love your drawings, Wendy! The card is magnificent and I love the salt and pepper shakers. I keep falling behind with my comments but love catching up on all your older posts. It is fun to see where you are finding your inspiration from on a daily basis, so much variety! Love the flower pics too!!

  3. What a treat it would be to get such a personalized birthday card.
    I think we can both be proud of managing the challenge so well on top of life's busyness.