Saturday 26 October 2013

Blogger Friends

The other day I met up with my art blogger friend Karen Johnston who was holidaying here in Perth. We enjoyed a lovely lunch together at Hillarys Marina. It was so exciting to meet face to face and to be able to chat about art together. It is the first time I have met up with a blog buddy - such fun!
Karen is a New Zealand artist who does amazing work in oils. click here to see the beautiful work on her blog. Hopefully it will be the first of many catch ups.

There has been a lot happening here with my youngest daughter going through the final throes of graduating from high school and getting through the last of her exams. Lots of stress and excitement all at once. I'm still getting a bit of time for creativity and am halfway through a small painting that I hope to finish in the next few days. I'm also making some progress on my writing. I hope you are all having a great weekend!

Sunday 13 October 2013

A Visitor to our Garden

                                          Acrylic on board 15cm x 15cm (6" x 6")

I painted this over three separate days this week and I also spent a few hours on my writing. Not as much as I would have liked, but there was a lot going on in other arenas so it couldn't be helped.

Sunday 6 October 2013

Palettes and Perth

I use disposable vegetable parchment palettes for my acrylic paintings and these are the ones I used in the 30 day challenge. They looked too pretty to throw out and I thought they would collectively make a nice work of art in themselves. I was waiting for a nice sunny day to peg them on to the clothesline en masse. It was rather windy but I got a few good shots amidst the buffeting.

I set myself a challenge to spend 10 hours this week working on my manuscript. I did over 11 hours and was pleased to fulfil the challenge considering how tired I was this week. I hope to do more writing hours next week and a small painting too!

For my blogger friends who have shown an interest in the area where I live, I found this short video promotion of Perth that you might find interesting.