Wednesday 25 February 2015

The Island

The Island
Acrylic on board
I painted this today for Eleanor - a dear and longstanding friend of my husband's family.
I painted it from a photo I took from the balcony of her house in Cervantes. Unfortunately, the photo reduced the stunning view of the ocean to a thin smear, so I cropped and enlarged the bit I wanted to paint.


Wednesday 18 February 2015

Back on the Acrylics Horse

Cervantes Sky
Acrylic on board 15cm x 15cm (6" x 6")
I realised with horror that it was about eleven months since I last painted in acrylics. I hadn't noticed how many months had passed because I was keeping up with the arty stuff in the form of my pen drawings. Although, even the pen-work had dropped off lately. Time to revive my one-painting-a-week habit! The above painting was inspired by the two photos below which I took on our beach holiday to Cervantes in December last year.

The photo below was taken of a local Perth sunset a few weeks back.

On the weekend I had a day out in the city with my youngest daughter. She wanted to visit the farmer's market at City Farm and have brunch at the cafe. Twenty years ago it used to be a scrap metal yard on the edge of the CBD - now it is thriving with fruit and vegetables.
It was a great day to be in the city. There was such a great vibe with thousands coming in to enjoy the public art performance of two giant marionettes here for the arts festival.
I loved the colourful "lanterns" that were strung through the trees.

                                                                     Museum CafĂ©

 I took the photo below for you Michael Perchard! It stands near
 the Art Gallery of Western Australia. "The Caller".

Below is one of the two giants that visited for the opening of the Perth International Arts Festival. She was scootering down the street when we saw her.