Monday 29 September 2014

Almost Done! - #28 and #29 of 30 Day Challenge


Head on Precision
Not really! Just a play on words as it's not very precise at all! I was just about to go to bed when the inspiration came upon me to sketch this at the very last minute. It took around 40 minutes which made my late night even later. However, it was good to get another one in the bag with the deadline fast approaching.
I did this view this morning while I was visiting my Dad where he is being cared for at the moment. There is a lovely view of the river and the traffic bridge. He enjoyed seeing the scene unfold.
At the very last moment, after bemoaning the greyness of the photos I've been taking of my sketches, I have realised that they come up better if I scan them (I'd already photographed these when I made the discovery so I will scan them later along with the rest of the 30 for the collage). I don't think scanning had occurred to me because in the past I'd always found that photographing my acrylics made for a better outcome than scanning.


  1. super sketch of the bike! you are dedicated to this challenge, it must feel good to get it under your belt.

  2. Oh Wendy - that motorcycle sketch is just your hubby was pleased to see this one - I know mine would be. Also the sketch out the window that you did - is great as well - bet your dad loved watching it unfold. Have a lovely week - just another day to go till you meet your challenge. Now going back to see your previous posts! Hugs