Saturday 27 September 2014

On the Shelf - #26

I sketched this last night (27th) before going out for dinner.

 I can't seem to get away from the white paper looking grey when I photograph my sketches. Does anyone have any hints on how to improve them? I dread to think what my collage will look like at the end of the 30 day challenge!!


  1. You have such geometric precision in your drawings... how do you achieve that so quickly? I'm in awe of what you can get down on the paper with such ease! As for photographing your drawings, can you adjust the exposure, to brighten the whites, with a photo editing program of any sort?

  2. Thanks so much Katherine! I've found that not trying to get things perfect has been very freeing as it goes against my natural bent. it's been a revelation to discover that things still seem to work out OK overall despite less accuracy. It seems the soul of the subject is captured nonetheless.
    Thanks for the advice regarding the photographing. I have since discovered that scanning works out better than photography for the sketches, although photography worked better for my full colour acrylic paintings. Thanks for all the encouragement!

  3. Wendy - these pen and ink sketches have all been just great. Your drawing skills are superb. Like the variety of subjects you tackle as well. Can't wait to see them all together in a collage. I am sure you will get that gray out when you scan them. Take care and have a blessed week - hugs