Friday 19 September 2014

Italian Motorgiro - #18

Eeek, I'm getting behind on my sketches for the challenge! I had hoped to get two done this morning but this one took a couple of hours in the end and now it's the afternoon already! This is from a photo of one of my husband's mates taken while a group of them were riding their motorbikes around the Dolomites in Italy in 2010. This is another birthday present. Because I wanted this to turn out worthy of giving as a gift, I did the initial drawing in pencil. I forgot to mention that I also did part of the last motorbike one in pencil first too. I will nip this pencil habit in the bud as I've loved what has been developing with going straight in with ink - a kind of spontaneity that I've rarely achieved with my artwork in the past.


  1. This should be so well received Wendy can see why it took some time.

  2. Love the background to this as well. You set-up a whole environment. I have to ask if the bike was hard to do with the perspective this way? You certainly nailed it!