Sunday 24 January 2016

Day 24 - Good Save!

Acrylic on board 16cm x 16cm
palette knife (mainly)
I think this post will show as still being the 24th Jan but in reality it is the morning of the 25th here in Perth right now. I wasn't feeling too well yesterday with my neck and shoulder strain still wearing me down. I had overdone things by spending an hour at the beach first thing and then had several outings and a party in the evening. I hadn't been able to get to my painting for the day, but after the party - and a couple of drinks - I decided to quickly whip up an abstract on our return so as not to get behind on the challenge.
It was grotesque, but I thought I would post it anyway in a light-hearted spirit. Luckily my daughter caught me just before I was about to post it, saving my reputation!
Before I went to bed I scraped it off and put a coat of gesso on it. I planned to do another coat of gesso on it this morning. However, while going through my photo reference looking for a peach blossom to paint I happened upon another photo. It looked perfect colour-wise to use this board as it stood for the back-drop.
I took the photo below in 2012 while on holiday in Melbourne with my daughters. We were tickled to see these gorgeous rainbow lorikeets(?) peeking out of hollows in the London Plane trees that line the main streets of Melbourne. We were able to get a good look at them as we were up high in a tour bus returning from the Dandenongs.

I took another photo once we had alighted from the bus to show it in the midst of the city.

I'm feeling much more human today with the strain almost resolved. One painting down, one to go!


  1. I like the abstract look, and the bird is PERFECT!

  2. Thanks so much Sue! Just about to see your latest work for the challenge!

  3. It certainly was a good save Wendy! Lovely bird.

  4. great job,after a very busy day! what a joy to see those little rainbow parakeets in the trees(which are so beautiful in their own right!)

    1. Thanks Sally, I actually did it the morning after my big day. I did two paintings today but because of the time difference I was able to post as if I had done them on two separate days! :)

  5. This is wonderful. I have lots of pictures of Eucalyptus trees I have been wanting to paint. You have done this old tree justice, OH my, your texture is wonderful! And the little bird peeking out is so delightful :)

  6. Dear Wendy - this worked out perfectly. Such a wonderful painting and the most gorgeous bird. Just love it. So glad you saved it friend. Have a great day.