Friday 6 September 2013

Day 6 - Cotton Palm

Acrylic on board 15cm x 15cm (6" x 6")

I'm pretty sure these are called Cotton Palms. They are a common sight in Perth gardens. When I was walking along the beach yesterday taking my reference photos, I happened to spot three of these palm trees in a garden on a side street. They looked rather striking against the blue sky and fluffy white clouds so I took a few snaps. I'd intended doing another beach scene initially this morning but the palm trees jostled their way to the front of the queue.


  1. Beautifully painted Wendy! I love the composition and the clouds make a wonderful background.Have a nice weekend!

  2. Thanks Celia, I hope you have a nice weekend too! Are you still getting warm enough days to go to the beach?

  3. Wendy, this is indeed striking! Well done :D

  4. Ola amiga!
    Love this palm Wendy! Also love the clouds!
    The palm is very striking against the blue background. I am looking out my window now! No palm trees in sight. Many, many pine trees, oak, maple, and elm. Just a hint of fall in the air. Soon we will see an explosion of fall foliage.
    Take care Mate!
    Now on to more of your fine art! (You are so busy! Hard to keep up! Good for you!)
    O seu bom amigo!

    1. G'day Michael! Thanks for the compliments! I must admit that this painting is one of my favourites so far and was a lot of fun to paint - unlike the cloud write-off!
      How lovely your landscape will look very soon with such arborial specimens close to hand (I think I made up that word or otherwise just spelt it wrong!). We on the other hand are in the thick of our springtime - and it is divine! I went for a walk through some bushland today with my husband. I will post some photos soon of the beautiful flowers.
      Yes, I am so busy compared to my one painting a month that my painting habit had degenerated to. My paintbrushes don't know what hit them! Neither do I! It's exhausting - but a lot of fun!
      I hope you are getting some painting time in!
      Your art cobber,

  5. Really like your palm, Wendy ... as we are coming to the end of summer here in Scotland it reminds me of sunshine and far away beaches. :)

    1. Thanks Ingrid. I hear that you had a great summer this year compared to recent ones. I hope you enjoy your Autumn weather.

  6. Love this. Reminds me of a photo I took with the very same composition just last week on holiday. Beautiful detail and depth amongst the branches.