Tuesday 15 July 2014

The Adventure Continues

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Ireland. It's such a beautiful country and the people are VERY friendly. It was so great to spend some time with our brother and sister-in-law.
Dublin was pumping with life and there were a lot of colorful pubs around the place.

I loved all the flower stalls that we came across in the city centre.

The three hour ferry trip across to Wales was the smoothest crossing we could have hoped for. Things livened up a bit upon our arrival in holyhead when after a longish wait to disembark there was an announcement  advising us that the gangplank had been misplaced!!!!! Eventually we were disgorged via the vehicle drivers' exit and were bussed back to the baggage claim area. We caught our connecting train to Llandudno by the skin of our teeth.
Llandudno is a gorgeous Victorian seaside resort with the original buildings still intact and stunning. We enjoyed a walk along the amusement pier and joined friends later in the evening for a sumptuous meal at a beautiful hotel.

The next few days were spent nearby with friends on their rural property not far away. I will post photos in my next missive, but I warn you that the picturesque quotient is almost unbearable! They live in such quintessentially pretty British  countryside. Not that my photos have done it justice!


  1. Beautiful photos! How do you misplace a gangplank??? LOL Glad you made your train and are in such a lovely area.

  2. keep posting the picturesque...it's lovely to see what you're experiencing. enjoy Wendy.

  3. Oh Wendy - your pictures of Dublin and the seaside resort are fabulous. Thank you dear for sharing - looks like you are having an amazing amount of fun - I sure hope so. Hugs

  4. Great post, Wendy!! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photo's. Have much fun the coming days. I hope the weather is good.

  5. So very exciting to be missing a gangplank! How so! I guess it doesn't matter but it certainly must have added to the experience! Great photos and text!
    Keep on trekking! Enjoy on!
    Michael Lover Of Wales and Whales!