Tuesday 29 July 2014

Loping Through London

 I did this sketch in Trafalgar Square early on in our visit to London. I'd arrived early to meet up with friends at the National Gallery and this is my favourite sketch so far as it reminds me of such a special day.

Some photos taken in Trafalgar Square.

There is nowhere else on earth like London and it would take several lifetimes to see it all, but we've had a nice taste of it over the last two weeks.

This was my second visit to Kew gardens - the first being four years ago. It is a nice leafy respite from the frenetic pace of central London.  I did a sketch of my outlook after polishing off my scones with jam and cream in a very pretty cafe just near the gardens. It needs more work to define things better but I simply haven't had time so I thought I'd post it anyway.

I LOVE bumblebees! They are so cute it's as if they are just made up creatures like leprechauns!

This one was supposed to be of the hotel lobby but I misjudged things rather badly and only had room to get as far as the beautiful ceiling and the top of the chandelier. I'm hoping I might get the time and energy to have another go at it before checking out tomorrow morning.

We've been whizzing around London by tube - I became very familiar with the system when over here on a backpacking holiday when I was 21. It's like riding a bike- you never forget how to do it.

This photo belies the busyness of how it often is, also, this is one of the quieter stations. There is nothing quite like the throng of stations and the interconnecting pedestrian tunnels such as Victoria. I'm constantly in awe of how well the system works when at times it seems little short of chaos.

We've also got around a lot by foot. Being that our hotel is right in the middle of some of London's most salubrious locations, we only need to walk down the street to see beautiful streets scapes such as these.

Will post more soon!


  1. Oh Wendy - great sketches - you are certainly building a journal of great memories with these as well as your beautiful photos. It is so nice to enjoy London through your eyes.

  2. for the love of God, Wendy. You've nailed this. My first visit here like 1minute before and you manage to somehow lure me in to wanting to spend hours crawling your past blogs and works.
    I'm also a passionate lover of Art, Illustrating.

    Muh, http://amuhsalisu.blogspot.com

  3. Great photos and awesome sketches, Wendy!!! I am so impressed with all the detail you have in that sketch from the cafe....and that wonderful ceiling! Thanks so much for sharing your trip.

  4. Lovely to see your piccies Wendy. Thanks for sharing. Laura xx