Thursday 10 July 2014

A Few Sketches

While staying with my brother and his wife I did a pencil sketch of their view from their dining room but didn't get a chance to finish it until last night. It's the first time I've used these watercolour paints and I painted by hotel lamp light which was rather subdued.

Today, my sister and I visited Trinity College which is the repository of the famous book of Kells - an illuminated manuscript from around 800AD. Amazing to see how intact and vibrant the text and illustrations are after all these centuries. Trinity College also boasts a three century old library which is a sight to behold. You feel like you've walked into a scene from a Harry Potter movie. We were allowed to take photos in the library as long as we didn't use our flashes.

Suddenly, I found the perfect spot to do a sketch. Luckily I had packed my sketching gear in the morning with the hope that such an occasion would arise.  There was a lull in the traffic and very few people were sitting on the few benches provided so I didn't feel I was in anyone's way. I really enjoyed myself and was astounded to discover that what felt like a ten minute sketch had actually taken me close to 40 minutes to do! Luckily my sister was happy to linger and soak up the amazing atmosphere of the place and she kindly took a few snaps of me sketching.

The photo below shows the back of my head and the view I am working from - the bust second to the left.
I'm afraid I'm unable to work out how to crop and rotate photos on my I-pad so you will have to crick your neck to view the outcome!


  1. Wendy - I can tell you are being inspired with all the beauty you are finding. Your painting and sketches are going to keep memories so fresh - have a wonderful time.

  2. Great posts, Wendy! :) I love your sketches and the beautiful photo's you took. ( and the photo's of you sketching ) I'm glad you're having a wonderful time. We're now almost in the same time zone, so sleep well!

  3. looking at the bright greens in your field sketch and the photos from Trinity take me back to when we visited Ireland. Glad you are out and about enjoying yourself after what sounds a rather awful travelling time

  4. Wendy, I love the landscape you did!! I was so impressed with the patchwork greens in the hillsides over there. Wonderful photos of the library and I'm glad you were able to do a sketch in always pays to take your sketching supplies along. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  5. there is nothing like your own sketches and paintings to bring home the memories of your time there...such a great way to soak it all in. That library is gorgeous. Your sketch and painting are lovely!

  6. Your watercolor and sketch are beautiful! You look lost while sketching and I'm sure these quiet moments will be the best memories you have of your trip. Enjoy!

  7. Hey Adventure Buddy!
    Love seeing you at work! You look so very focused! Love your sketches!
    I am thinking so many people in Australia must be so missing you! (I sort of miss you posting from Australia! So very happy you got a chance to get to Ireland and UK! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your Happy For You Art Cobber! (Do your remember what cobber means in Australian?!)