Thursday 24 July 2014

Glorious Wales

For a variety of reasons, including irregular access to wifi, I haven't been posting as often as I had hoped to.

We've been in London for about 10 days now and savouring every moment of it. It's a real contrast to the beauty and lushness of rural Wales and Ireland, but fascinating and beautiful in a different way. As promised in my last missive, I am posting some photos that I took while staying with friends in Wales.

I did one sketch while staying with our friends but it looks like a bit of a dud without colour and I haven't had time to work on it further as yet. I have, however, done a couple since then that are respectable and I will post them soon.



  1. "Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose!" James Taylor, "Sweet Baby James!" So many wonderful shades of green. I imagine this to be so very different than your wonderful corner of the world! So happy for you Wendy! So glad you are savoring every second. So very important to step back and enjoy the moment! I love the word "savor!" I remember teaching it once as a new vocabulary word to my young students! "So savor every second on the planet!"
    Your Loving Your Adventure Art Mate!

  2. It looks beautiful, very green! I am happy you are well and enjoying your trip Wendy!

  3. The photo's are wonderful, Wendy. Beautiful greens. Thank you for posting them. Wishing you much fun!

  4. How funny, we just got back from London about 10 days ago. Wales looks lush and lovely.

  5. Dear Wendy - this countryside really makes me think of where I live. Hope you are having a great time. Take care and enjoy.

  6. I love traveling through your eyes...great photos of Wales!