Tuesday 3 May 2016

New York, New York

The second leg of the flight went well and we arrived in New York on Sunday afternoon. Despite the tiredness I was Sooo excited to have arrived at last. We settled into our hotel and we're excited to have such a classic New York outlook.
Have been having a great time despite the freezing temps and rain. It is living up to all my expectations. I have a ton of photos to post but haven't had much time for posting. 
however, I just took a photo of this sketch I did at breakfast this morning. Haven't sketched for ages and thought I'd better limber up ready for tomorrow. A big treat coming up!!
Please excuse the bad set up of these posts. I'm finding the app for using the iPad to be pretty cumbersome.



  1. Dear Wendy welcome to the USA. I hope you enjoy New York City. Will be looking forward to seeing this city through the eyes of your camera. Stay safe friend and have lots of fun. Hugs!

  2. Thanks so much Debbie!
    I'm having trouble with getting photos onto my blog in the right format. Hopefully I'll be able to post a few at least. Xx

  3. Wendy, you have such great views. I'd be sketching like crazy! See you tomorrow! Yay!!!

  4. Sketch is a goos one - you have the body poses very natural.
    Off to a great start. The weather can only get better. So lovely to know you are here in the US. Enjoy your days...

  5. Interesting sketch though.
    Gosh how bleak NY looks.
    What App do you use for your iPad for blogger?

  6. I've not been to NY, so am enjoying your 'alternative' photos. Oh, and I do like your drawing!

  7. Welcome! I hope you'll have time to see NY from the top of the Empire State building. Even though it's not the tallest anymore-it's a cool building to see and it's just fun to do it. Love your sketch-hope you have time to do more! Have fun and you're only about 400 miles from where I live-come on up!

  8. Enjoy and have fun! Hope the weather clears up for you :)