Friday 13 May 2016

Grand Central Station

I'm taking things a bit easier this morning on my last day in New York as I've run myself ragged trying to soak everything up. But what an incredible time I've been having! The city has such a great vibe and the people are very friendly, and I love the Noo Yawk accent!

I think I will have to save posting most of my photos for when I get back to Australia where I can easily reduce them and have proper access to the blogger tools - unlike with this iPad app.

I met up with Joan Tavolott on two more occasions. One day I joined her along with a small group of New York Urban Sketchers at Grand Central Station. We spent hours there and met up for lunch between sketches. What a gobsmacking building it is. It is so exciting visiting these iconic places. My sister has a stunning black and white photo of it on her wall. Taken in the 1930s, it shows the sun streaming in through the high windows. I doubt that view would be possible now due to it being surrounded by taller buildings. But the sun wasn't shining that day so I wouldn't know for sure.

Another day I joined Joan and the Urban Sketchers at the beautiful Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. 



Joan and I in front of the fountain - and Joan below creating one of her many masterpieces.


It was so special meeting up with Joan and the other sketchers. I really appreciated Joan travelling in from Long Island to meet up with me.

I will post more from New York soon, in the meantime my next stop will be a small town in Massachusetts to visit friends.


  1. Dear Wendy so glad you are having a wonderful time in the Big Apple. Your sketches look great and it is so good to see you and Joan together. What an inspiration she is. Hope your visit to Mass. is great too. Hugs!

  2. They are all nice.
    Enjoy your stay and safe journey to your next place.

  3. So glad you are having a wonderful trip. Love the sky behind your fountain. All so wonderful. Can't wait to see more ( when you get home) Enjoy!

  4. Loving these! Enjoy the rest of your trip Wendy!

  5. Lovely sketches. I too like the NY accent. I think it's the nicest accent in the US.

  6. So wonderful meeting you, I will blog about it coming up
    and show your photos. Hope you are having a great time!
    Love your art.


  7. I'm so glad you enjoyed visiting NYC and that I got to share a bit of it with you. You were so good and going along and sketching wherever we went. I hope you enjoy your trip to Massachusetts. I ended up staying in Amherst overnight and was looking for you. :)

  8. Sounds, and looks like you are having a Grand time Wendy! Great sketches, especially the watercolor of the fountain. And thanks for posting the photo of the fountain from the same view as your sketches.
    I can understand being run ragged. Whenever we visit a city there is always more to see than there is time isn't there?
    Keep Yawkin' and sketching...

  9. I know I posted a comment previously but wanted you to know I am thinking of you and your visit. Loved seeing what you did with Joan. Great stuff. Hope you are having a ball. Cant wait to see your post on it all. Hugs!

  10. It is lucky you two were able to meet, looks like a fun time!! Beautiful sketch, I hope you continue to have a wonderful visit!

  11. What a GREAT look into your life! HOW Beautiful!!

  12. Hey Buddy! Love all your photos! Especially love the fountain sketch! So happy for you! The USA is lucky to have you!