Monday 23 May 2016

Loving New England!

I am now in Boston having spent five nights in a gorgeous town with friends in rural Massachusetts. 
New York was so exciting and I had a fabulous time there, but after two weeks I was ready for the countryside. I'd had a few days where I was able to get a fix of greenery while in the city - one day I braved the subway and took a train to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens where I'd been able to get a breath of fresh air by surrounding myself in flowers. 
My book enjoyed frolicking amongst the bluebells.



I spent my last evening in New York with the wonderful artist Barbara Muir and her husband Steven. It was so lucky that our time overlapped there, and by just one afternoon! They had arrived in town that day for the opening night of her exhibition at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery. I had trotted down there earlier in the day to see her lovely work in the flesh.


We had such a lovely evening together. You can check out Barbara's wonderful blog by clicking



I've only done one sketch since New York. Unfortunately, I came down quite sick with a sinus infection a week or so ago and I'm yet to fully recover. However, other than one day spent in bed I have still been getting out and about and enjoying myself.


I'm really enjoying Boston and will post soon about my adventures here - which include meeting up with another art blogger - the very entertaining Michael Perchard.
Stay tuned!


  1. I'm glad to see you got to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens...and by subway no less!!! That must have been fun. Glad you got to meet up with Barbara and her husband. I'll have to go check her blog. Love the sketch of the house...quite a change from the skyscrapers and constant people of the city. Sorry to hear you got sick. That is never good, especially on vacation. Enjoy the rest of your time! I did a post of our 3 days on the NYC Urban Sketchers blog if you want to check it out.

  2. Pleasing to know you are enjoying yourself.
    Good photos.

  3. Boston is another city of my list of places to see.

  4. Hi Wendy,

    It was so lovely to meet you and thank you for this post too. I am so sorry you got sick. That's awful. Have a wonderful rest of your holiday. I love your drawings! Gorgeous!

  5. really lovely to read about your Noo Yawk visit, and the friends you were able to meet up with. All sounds very exciting and lovely, enjoy the rest of your trip in Massachusetts.

  6. Sounds as if you have had a really lovely time. It is a bummer about the sinus but I am glad it does not seem to have lasted for very long.

  7. Thanks for sharing Wendy :) So glad you are enjoying your trip :)

  8. Our house made the blog! And the gorgeous dogwoods down the street. The color on those early spring flowering trees is almost gone and other flowers are slowly appearing. You should see the magnificent Clematis that is growing on the pool fence. So, so happy you came to stay with us - now you can visualize when we talk!

  9. Dear Wendy first it was wonderful hearing from you. It looks like you are making lovely memories and getting to meet fellow artists here. I am sure you are gathering lots of great sketching material. Hope you enjoy the rest of your visit. Hugs!

  10. What fun! I love your sketches! I'm glad you're out and about in spite of the sinus infection.