Tuesday 22 January 2013

Rottnest Lakes

                                         Acrylic on board  12" x 9"

I wonder why it is that when I begin some paintings, I feel as clueless about how to approach it as if I've never painted before.  After finishing my second hydrangea painting the other week, I was basking in the glory of feeling I was really seeing some progress with my style and felt it was all onwards and upwards from there. This painting left me feeling like there was as much poetry in my brush as you'd find in a blocked drain. Nothing came easily and I didn't enjoy the process at all.

I guess it calls for more frequent painting to get more consistent results. I am also devoting time to writing, so I'm not sure how many hours I could spend a week on painting.  Does anyone have any thoughts on whether or not painting just once a week is enough to see real progress over the long term?

Here is the photo I used for reference.


  1. Good morning Wendy!
    This painting is magnificent! It certainly resembles the reference photo as well as being a very successful work of art!
    I enjoyed your comparing poetry to a blocked drain! Well written!
    I am sorry you didn't enjoy the process. You asked about painting thoughts! I have many! My advice may not be the soundest but it works for me! If I am not enjoying the process I won't participate in it! I change my process to that which gives me joy and provides excitement. Probably not the best advice to anyone who is struggling? Often when I am having difficulty, especially doing representational art, I stop and do something that is more abstract! Even fun. For me my best work comes when I am ready to do the "work"! If I am not ready I hardly ever push it! I certainly am not "lazy" with my process but over the years I have learned when to stop what is not working and go back to what works. Oops! I guess I am rambling!
    Again, this painting is wonderful!
    I hope my ramblings are of some help. I keep thinking of Picasso when he said, Have an idea what you are going to paint but it should be a vague idea!"
    I also love this quote by Cyril Connelly, "The reward of art is not success but intoxication!"
    Paint on Wendy!
    Your USA art buddy,

  2. Good evening Michael! (You anticipated well with the "good morning")
    Our time difference is around 12 hours and what with us being in the thick of summer and you in winter, we exist in a world of opposites.
    It was a joy to be greeted with your comment this morning. Very good advice it was too!
    Usually when I persist through bad weather painting, a ray of sunshine will appear at some point so I hang in there. Because it didn't with this one, I just finished it off as quickly as possible - it took around 3 hours. I have to admit, now that I look at the painting with a kinder eye, I actually quite like it.
    I love the quote by Cyril Connelly and will tuck it away alongside the others I keep at the mental ready when I need a little reminder of what it's all about.
    I am very mindful of trying to live life in the present and enjoy the wonderful adventure of it all, but I am very prone to falling back in to "destination" mode.
    Thanks again for all your wise words of encouragement and the lovely comments about my painting.

  3. I think the painting is great. Nice Z shaped composition to draw the eye thru the painting. And I especially love the sky/clouds. Nice job!

    I agree though, some days painting comes easier than others. Not sure why that is. But as long as I'm having fun and learning from even the not so hot paintings, then I guess it's all worthwhile. - jen

  4. Thanks so much Jen, nice to hear from you!

  5. HA! your comment about the blocked drain was funny! after seeing the photo of the actual scene, I think your version is very poetic.You may not have enjoyed it but it turned out to a real piece of art in that it is much, much nicer than the actual scene. None of the cluttered detail...just beauty!

    by the way- I got the dreaded rejection yesterday on the book...licking my wounds yet again. I think I want an agent.

  6. What a coincidence Brian, I too got a rejection yesterday for my children's story!! I will email you soon with more details and commiserations.

    Thanks for the nice comments on my painting!

  7. Hi Wendy!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the lovely comments - Much appreciated!

    Your work is fabulous - love seeing the original photographs that you work from.

    I'm a new follower :)

    Happy Painting

    1. Hi Kellie,
      Thanks for your very kind comments. I'm so pleased to have you as a follower. I look forward to following your blog too - I love your delicate watercolours!