Saturday 8 December 2012


                                                  Acrylic on board  5" x 7"

Wasn't very pleased with this effort, but am posting it to show the evidence that I have wielded a brush today.  I have a lot to learn about tone. I intend to make it a high priority in the quest to improve my paintings.

I had bought a few lovely potted hydrangeas of different hue to decorate the back garden for my daughter's afternoon birthday tea party.  It was a challenge to get some good photos before the heat spoilt them.  Having come straight from their pampered greenhouses they hadn't had a chance to harden up against the heat.  I have one long suffering hydrangea that has limped through quite a few summers in my care(lessness).
It is looking its happiest for years.  Now it's used to the harshness of the big outdoors it doesn't wilt so easily .  Since re-igniting my passion for gardening recently the garden and potplants are looking better than they have for some time.


  1. Hey Wendy,
    Thanks for visiting. I have been working very hard on capturing light, so it thrills me to hear you say it! I think this who blog world of support is a good one. Keep up the good work, I certainly see a style emerging. Happy painting! Julie

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement Julie!

  3. Very nice--I think hydrangeas are tough to get right but yours look good. Nice brushwork.

    1. Thank you Stephanie, It's great to get positive comments on something I originally feared was a dud!