Saturday 29 September 2012

Wildflower Festival

 Today I went to the wildflower festival at Kings Park with Mum and Dad. As soon as we stepped out of the car park we were regaled with stunning mass plantings of everlastings.  Further along were the beautiful red and green kangaroo paws (above).
 The banksias were particularly stunning at the cut wildflower stall.
Here is a beautiful banksia mosaic that has been laid at a little rest-stop alongside one of the paths.
There were the usual swathes of everlastings sown throughout  the bush 
 We had a short walk through the natural bushland as well to see if we could spot any orchid stragglers.  Only spotted one lone donkey orchid and quite a few cowslips.  It seems that overall the orchids flowered earlier this year, because last year at the same time it was oozing with them - including enamel orchids and red and white spider orchids.
 Butterfly sunning itself on a gum leaf.
There was a riot of kangaroo paws growing naturally in the bush.
I bought a few kangaroo paw seedlings at the plant sale.  I'm afraid there have been quite a few casualties amongst the cuttings I was trying to grow from the propagation class.  But there are a few potential survivors that still have a slightly green hue.  I will keep my robust new specimens out of sight of my poor tortured cuttings.  I don't want them giving up hope before I've even got them into the ground.


  1. Hello! Your wildflowers are so tropical looking in comparison to what grows in my neck of the woods - the 'kangaroo paws' look fun - maybe unpredictable, do they reseed and take over, I wonder?

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Yes the kangaroo paws are an unusual flower, they are even furry to touch. Theses photos do make them seem very prolific but they vary in their concentrations. I just happened upon a whole gaggle of them.