Sunday 9 September 2012

Spring Has Sprung

I don't have a painting to post today but instead some photos taken at our friends' (Bob and Kelly) - bush property where we visited this morning.  Despite poor winter rains this year it seems that the flowers are more prolific than ever.  The bush is awash with lushness and colour and there were flocks of orchids EVERYWHERE.  The photo below doesn't do it justice at all but have included it to give an idea of the general landscape. I was too focused on the orchids to take the time to get a better overall shot of the terrain.


Hiding amongst the shrubs are all the little jewels. I think these are called Granny Bonnets.

There were swathes of Donkey orchids everywhere.  They were very beefy specimens too.
This donkey orchid was one of many growing amongst the hibertia and pea flowers

 There were quite a few red spider orchids and green orchids too but donkey orchids and pink orchids reigned supreme today.

 I took a heap of photos and hope to use some to paint from during the week.
We've had a few nice wildflower outings already this spring and I did a class in propagating native plants yesterday at Kings Park.  I have been cosseting my cuttings today and hoping I won't kill them with kindness.  I will be very excited if I am successful at growing natives from cuttings and seeds.

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