Tuesday 27 November 2012

Workshop with Greg Baker

On Sunday I went to an all day painting work-shop.  The first I’d ever been to.
The workshop was at the home studio of Greg Baker http://www.gregbaker.com.au/ a very eminent local Perth Artist who also exhibits in Europe.
After spending all year painting alone in my art room, wrestling with a medium I really know very little about, it was great to see a master in action and get some insights into how I can improve my work.
Greg works predominantly in oils at the moment, but is also very accomplished in acrylics and pastels.  He demonstrated in all three mediums for us throughout the day displaying his consummate skills.  In the afternoon, along with many of the others, I attempted to emulate his style by using his photo reference that he painted from during the day – a scene from Rottnest Island waters.
I tried in vain to capture the light in the way he does, but I enjoyed the attempt nonetheless.
The first photo was taken once I’d decided I could risk going no further.
The second photo was taken after Greg made a few gentle tweaks that helped to enliven the scene.
Such a joyful day! Life has become very hectic this past week or so, so I’m hoping I will find a quiet day soon to paint before I forget all the jewels of wisdom I collected on Sunday.

Below is the final result after Greg added a few deft strokes and demonstrated how to do a glaze by adding medium.  I was pretty clueless about how to get the best out of my paints so I am going to try using medium in my next painting.  All very exciting!


  1. I like Both of the images. There's something very fun and animated in the piece.