Wednesday 10 October 2012

Unfinished Painting

I have posted this half-finished horror just to prove that I have done some painting today - over 3 hours in fact! It took me ages to work out what I wanted to paint.  In the end I decided to try the bucket of cut banksia flowers that I took a photo of the other week. I have no idea what I was thinking!  As usual I thought I'd be able to loosen up and simplify it - and as usual I didn't succeed!  I also thought I'd use up one  of my larger canvases that are gathering dust and taking up room.  This one is 20" x 16".  It is canvas on board.  After using the small hard boards lately - which I love - I didn't enjoy painting on the canvas again.  I find that too much time is spent trying to get the paint to cover the surface thoroughly.  But maybe that's just due to inexperience.  When I called it quits today I had almost decided that I wouldn't bother continuing with it.  But I will persist - I hate leaving things half finished.

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